Crafty Little Love Bugs!

Good old ‘love’ day is just around the corner so I thought I’d share a quick post about the love bugs we created. My boys and I created these fluffy little critters this weekend and they loved it. I’ve being trying to capture my 2-year-old saying ‘love bug’ because it might be the CUTEST thing I’ve ever heard.

Love Bugs Valentines Craft

Late last week I heard my son’s preschool was discouraging store bought love day cards and encouraging hand-made things instead! Usually not a problem as this is totally my jam but this year, funny enough, we were given store bought cards and already had them ready to go for Tuesday. So, after a tail spin and a Pinterest search I was inspired me to make these cuties. They were quick and easy and the kids can’t wait to give them to their friends. If you need a last minute valentine’s activity with your kids…this is it!

Love Bugs Valentine's Craft

What You’ll Need:

A quick trip to the dollar store or online to amazon and you’ll have all you need for this project.

Love Bugs Valentine's Craft Materials


How-To Make Love Bugs!

Step 1

Cut out the heart shaped “feet” for the base of your love bugs. I made a quick 2″ heart-shaped stencil and traced the shape on the foam before cutting. They don’t need to be perfect as the pom-poms cover most of them.

Step 2

Cut the pipe cleaner into 2-3″ pieces. These will be the antennas.

Step 3

Prep all the pieces for you and your kids. Silicone muffin cups and muffin tins work great! Set-up a small bowl with glue as your kids will dip the pom-poms in it.**

Step 4

Create the cuties! Start by dipping the larger pom-poms into the glue and to stick to the hearts. You may want to do this in stages; letting each layer dry a bit before building on it.  The glue we used dried fairly quickly so we didn’t have to wait that long.

Step 5

Eyes & Antennas: Your kids may need a bit of help with this part.

The eyes are small and a bit hard to handle but stick easily with a small amount of glue.

The pipe cleaners will stick into the pom-poms with a little twisting and turning. I did put a small amount of glue on the ends before poking them in.

That’s it!

Love Bugs Valentine's Craft

Happy Crafting 💞

**I recently discovered the magic of using silicone muffin cups for glue and paint. The clean up is a cinch. Let the glue or paint dry in the cup and then it just pops out. No messy clean up!

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