DIY Ornament Wreath

This holiday season has gone way too fast. I had a huge list of new things I wanted to try out this year but I think I set my sites a little high! I did however get around to making this gorgeous gold DIY ornament wreath. It’s the perfect addition to your holiday decorations. This DIY ornament wreath is simple to make and is sure to add some WOW factor to your front door!

DIY Ornament Wreath

How To Create your own DIY Ornament Wreath

You’ll need:

DIY Ornament Wreath Ornaments

I used a wreath with the wire ring’s diameter being 10.5″. It seemed a little small at first but with all the ornaments it ended up being the perfect size.

There are so many colour and size combos you could use when it comes to the ornaments. I went for gold/rose gold/white but silver, blue, white or any variety of colours would look beautiful too. You can find shatter free ornaments at many of the big box stores and there are many on-line options too like these ones.  Now is the perfect time to buy them as they are all on sale!!!

Putting it Together

Once you have all the pieces gathered it’s time to find a quiet corner and get crafty.

The first ornaments to glue are the ones on the inner and outer edges of the wreath. Lay the wreath upside down and arrange the ornaments in the pattern you choose. The ornaments may not fit the outlines perfectly but it won’t matter once all the ornaments in the centre are placed. Those small gaps will be hardly noticeable.

DIY Ornament Wreath Set Up

Allow the glue used to attach the inner and outer ornaments to cool completely before flipping it over. Once it was flipped, I began arranging the ornaments without gluing to ensure I got the look I was going for. Start with the large and medium sizes ornaments and once they are arranged you can use the tiny ones to fill in the gaps.

A Little Heads Up

I used a glue gun and glue sticks that stated they were tolerant to hot and cold temperature. However, after leaving the wreath on my door outside (in the cold) I noticed some of the glue separated from the ornaments. It was a quick fix though. With my trusty Gorilla Glue I was able to superglue the pieces that had come apart with no issue!

Hope you have the chance to try this out. I LOVED making it!

Happy DIYing! 


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