Lion Cake

Lion Cake!

Months prior to my son’s third birthday he decided that he wanted a Lion Cake. I had lots of fun ideas on how to do a 3D Lion or African scene but when it came to planning the party the simplest solution for our 17 person guest list was a lion cake with a cupcake pull apart mane. After browsing different images online I merged a few ideas and came up with this ….

Lion Cake


This was a really fun and quick design to put together. I took one 6” round cake and 12 cupcakes then arranged them in a such a way that I would have 2 ears on each side and the rest in a mane like pattern.

After icing the cake with buttercream, and letting the frosting firm up in the fridge, I rolled out the yellow fondant to a 1/4” thick and covered the cake. I then rolled two 6” circles of yellow fondant and covered 2 of the dozen cupcakes.

For the Lion’s muzzle, I rolled 2 balls of yellow fondant, a ball of brown fondant and used white fondant for the tongue dusted with some edible red lustre dust. The whiskers were strands of uncooked spaghettini and the last touch of fondant accents were the brown 3” discs for the ears.


I made a simple buttercream and separated the batch in two to allow for 2 different shades of yellow-orange. There is a nifty icing tip tool from Wilton called the Colour Swirl* that allows you to swirl 3 different icing colours together. I only wanted two shades so I placed the lighter yellow shade in 2 of the 3 icing bags and darker shade in the third. I then proceeded to create the ‘mane’ effect by icing strands of hair. This cake looked fantastic and I was so thrilled with the final outcome.

What You’ll Need:

  • 6″ cake
  • 12 cupcakes
  • 1lb buttercream
  • Food Colouring Gel
  • 150g yellow fondant
  • 75g brown fondant
  • 20g white fondant
  • Edible Shimmer Dust
  • spaghettini strands
  • rolling mat
  • rolling pin
  • Colour Swirl icing tip or two icing bags
  • large platter for display.

I’d love to see your creations! Post your photos in the comments ?

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